Monday, May 11, 2009

Full Circle

Sunday was Mothers day and I wanted to share a story. About three weeks ago I did the road trip in search of retailers that might be interested in selling some of my work. One stop I made was in Toronto where I mis-spent much of my youth.

I went into the office of this particular business and recognized the names of the owners. It was the same family owned nursery that I went into around 1965 to buy my first Mothers Day gift which also happened to be my very first plant purchase. I was around five years old and our home was just around the corner . This nursery had now grown from a single room roadside shack, with a ten cent coke machine, into a muti-million dollar enterprise.

That day I bought my mother a tiny forty cent potted plant with my savings. All under the watchful eye of my father. I can still remember carrying it all the way both hands. It had two variegated leaves but can now only guess as to what it was. My mother absolutely loved it and sat it on a little saucer then arranged it perfectly on the kitchen window sill just above the sink.

Though I didn't make a sale that day the lady in the office did melt into a big smile when I told her the story.
I named my landscape company after that street I grew up on. Life really does go full circle.

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charmine said...

How interesting!life does come full circle.I have given you an award,having followed your blog i felt you deserve one.Come see it at my blog.