Sunday, May 24, 2009


The weather appears to have stabilized enough to get some veggies into the ground. I have my planters and garden beds sorted, now it's on to soil prep. For the containers I'll mix, in equal parts give or take, peat moss-vermiculite-soil-sand. This mix will support new plants or seeds keeping them damp and protected as well as enabling new sprouts to push through the mix without using up too much energy.

For those on a budget you can always swap plants with friends or neighbors. For everyone looking to start or add to a garden there is always someone that needs a garden thinned which means extra plants. It could be a perfect excuse to meet a new neighbor or give a much needed hand to an older one. So green thumb your way through your address book and start asking. For those really new to the garden you'll be shocked at the cost of building even a two by five foot bed.

This pic shows chives growing from one befuddled looking planter on the stone step to the deck.


charmine said...

Thanks for the info on gardens,i visit your site from time to time and always learn something new and the sculptures are lovely.

Jill said...

I really like your planter. I do some work with concrete faux bois and I also have a Bull Terrier. There must be something about the combination that helps our creativity.