Monday, May 4, 2009

Rock Skip

This past Saturday saw us at another show. I had heard about it only two or three days prior and got in touch with the organizer immediately. This particular show took place in an old neighborhood of mine...Port Credit. A neighborhood that I would move back to in a second if given the chance. Many good memories. So this was a perfect excuse to hang for the day and reminisce.

Back then my apartment was a rock skip from Lake Ontario. And within biking distance of Port Credit Marina where I did bike to many a morning for an over easy breakfast at a small lakeside cafe. Followed by a Latte back on my balcony with Cocoa, the Cocoa Bean...the sweetest tabby cat to have ever lived.
So anyways the show, while small, turned out well. And once again we made some new friends which is always a bonus.
This pic shows the container garden on our deck.

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