Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big Weed

Today I made my first trip to the recycle center. Once I begin pruning and clearing out garden beds I'm left with a huge amount of cuttings and such. Not to mention the shrubs that didn't survive the winter. Today I had nine large bags of leaves and brush and half a truck bed of branches and cuttings.

There is a lot more to do but I try to work in sequence. I wait to pull all the new dandelions from my lawn until a few days of rain softens the ground. I also wait to cut my lawn until after the big weed pull.

Some neighbors started cutting two weeks ago which means they probably sliced and diced all those new weeds and broadcast their remnants across their lawns. If you take the time to pop out dandelions in the early days the re-occurrence rate is drastically reduced. Otherwise it's like the gift that keeps giving...all summer.

Not a good thing unless you don't mind waking every morning to hoards of people from the old country bent over your front lawn picking dandelions for tea. But then again you can always call me. I can't do much for the zillions of new dandelions but I can haul away all those people in my truck and leave them in the woods for you.

In tomorrow's post I go Neanderthal on lawn aeration companies.

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