Monday, November 9, 2009

Short And Sweet

I must admit posting on my blog in the 'still of the night' is both good and bad. It's good...because it's quiet and peaceful : thoughts are lucid and's bad...because it's quiet and peaceful : thoughts are lucid
and free.

That's all, short and sweet.

Today's pic is a sample of work from local artist and my budinski David Irvine. You can check out more of his wild and fantastic art instantly by clicking ...and ya beddah do it!


Kelly Lewars said...

Dear Skodaman:

I have not heard from you and your exquisite blog in quite awhile. I check on it and I check on it and then I inspect it some more but nothing. Please do share with us your going ons.

Skodaman said...

Hey Kelly ~ It's true I've been off for quite a while. I hope to be back up and running very soon though. Much has happened in my time away - more to blog about I guess. Thanks again for your comment.