Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Goose

So I've noticed lately: as in the last month or so - that my once independant doggy aka: The Goose has developed what appears to be separation anxiety.

Not totally unexpected given the circumstances. He's old for a Bully (Bull Terrier) and has lost most of his hearing and his ability to see well. Even more so in low light conditions. Night lights though are helping to a degree.
The breed itself has been used, mostly because of their sheer physical prowess, as bait or fight dogs in the horrific world of pit fights.
But Bullies have also had a large role as 'therapy dogs' due to their sweet and stable disposition. They are confident and comical - true companions. And Goose has lived up to all my expectations as a companion dog for the past twelve years.
But nowadays he's easily startled when touched and will bump his nose against me before breaking into a wag. After he's been fed he spends most of his time leaning against my side or lying across my leg until he falls asleep...just as he did when he was a puppy...never venturing far.
The only difference now is that once asleep his breathing can become quite labored if not sporadic. It makes for some long sleepless nights on my part. I always knew our time would have to end eventually. I've never gotten used to the fact that I will have to soon say good-bye to my friend.

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