Friday, November 6, 2009


The e-world is not to be taken lightly. Take email and 'text-ing' for example. Whereas a 'face to face' conver-sation is layered with personality (idiosyncrasies) and elements on a primal communication - though fast and efficient is really false economy. It lacks the depth and polish to truly represent you or your thoughts. It's like fast food. It's a 'stop-gap'. Only useful as a 'second layer' or 'back-up'. To rely on it as a first wave of correspondence is like playing Russian Roulette.

Actual 'words' during communication account for probably 10% of real conversation, maybe even less. True communication is an orchestra of complex elements such as posture, voice: tone and inflection and even hand gestures that really do the talking.

A sobering thought when you consider the recipient of your email or comment will instinctively and within seconds interpret and make a decision based solely on the typed word they are reading. Even the DELETE button will not save you once that message has been received, read and least not on the other end. It's a 'zero to sixty' world...text carefully my friends.


Justin Johnson said...

Just wandered by browsing blogs. I used to train this in a new hire class where I work. There are three basic ways to communicate (in person) - body language, tone of voice and words. There was a scientific study done and body language accounted for 73% of the way we communicate, tone of voice 18% and words only 9%. So you are SOOO right, since words are the only aspect of communication left in email, texting, etc, then it leaves a big gap in effective communication.

Skodaman said...

Thanks for the feedback Justin.